DO’s and DONT’s of attending an OU football game


Without a doubt, there is typically a “wrong way” to do something. Like eating at Taco Bell and not getting a Baja Blast to drink. Or going to Arizona State and staying in your dorm every night. So trust me as an Oklahoma football season ticket holder, there is a proper way to go about Saturdays in Norman.

So as football season draws closer, here are a few do’s and dont’s to follow when you make your trip to Norman this fall, which will hopefully make your experience more enjoyable.

DO wear crimson and cream. Not trying to be a jerk (ok, I am) and tell you what to wear, but the stadium looks so much cooler when you see the sea of red. There is a bookstore conveniently located right outside of the stadium, why not pick up the new “There’s Only One” t-shirt?

DON’T wear this. It’s not cool. It’s not even worn by the team as an alternate. Also, do you really want to wear black in the Oklahoma heat? Just please stop buying these, so they can get taken off the racks.

DO stand up during the game. You can rest your poor little feet during the timeouts and in between quarters, but don’t look at me the wrong way, because I’m on my feet cheering on the team I love just as much.

DON’T leave your seat during an important play or drive. I don’t care if you have to get a funnel cake on the other side of the stadium, I want to watch the game. I will be more than happy to allow you leave the row in between quarters/series.

DO partake in putting your one finger up during kickoffs. Stop think you’re too cool or your arm hurts too bad for you to raise that one finger for a few seconds while simultaneously screaming “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-U.”

DON’T bring a sign/noisemakers/thunder sticks/banners to the game. This is pretty self-explanatory. Don’t be that guy with the sign that has some cheesy acrostic poem using the game’s broadcasting television network’s name.

DO buy a Dasani at the game, and then make trips in between quarters to the water fountains located conveniently inside and around the stadium. It’s Oklahoma. You’re going to want to be hydrated for four hours.

DON’T expect Dr. Pepper products. They only sell Coca-Cola, which kinda sucks, but if you’re really going to complain, you are more than welcome to make the trip Stillwater, where they serve such drinks.

DO have a poncho or a jacket handy in your car. You’ll thank me later.

DON’T prematurely put on a poncho when you feel a light sprinkle. If you whack me trying to put on your poncho for a light rain, then don’t be surprised if I retaliate.

DO buy a program. It’s like $5, and OU does a really good job putting it together for every home game.

DON’T ask me who just made that big play. Seriously, buy a program, because I have no desire to tell you who wears what number for the entire game.

DO show class to the other team’s fans. At the University of Oklahoma, we try to represent the school as a respectable one. Don’t be a jerk to anyone for no reason. This is not Lubbock.

DON’T harass the Sports Animal guys after the game, whether you go to their set up or call them. People, including me, actually listen to that station following the game, because of the idiots that heckle the WWLS team and demand Bob Stoops’ head. It puts OUr fans in a bad light, so please avoid making a fool of yourself at all costs.

A few Twitter submitted DOs/DONTs: