has OU over Wisconsin in Fiesta


We are about two weeks from sweet, sweet college football, and the prediction train keeps rolling. This time from,

who believe Oklahoma will be back in the desert

, but for a BCS bowl game.

Basically, the formula for Prediction Machine plays out the season 50,000 times, before a single has been played. With an extremely large sample size, there is a clear average amount of wins/losses each team is looking at heading in to the 2012 season.

First off, has Southern Cal beating Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game. While the Sooners are not in the big one, at the very least, OU is predicted to win the Big 12 and beat Big Ten power Wisconsin in the Fiesta Bowl.

Other BCS match-ups include: Oregon over Michigan in the Rose, LSU beating West Virginia in the Sugar, and Florida State topping Louisville in the Orange.

Other than a Florida State/Louisville Orange Bowl, who wouldn’t be excited for that BCS lineup? And if the season were to play out the way has it, then Oklahoma would finally get someone other than the Big East champ in the Fiesta, and a win would at least look respectable. No one is really pounding their chest OU beat Connecticut a few years back, though, getting back to a BCS bowl should be the main goal., also, provided projected standings for each conference. The Big 12’s clear favorite by the website is Oklahoma, with an average record 10.2-1.8, but who places second could be interesting. West Virginia and Texas tied for second with an average record of 9-3, but with the Mountineers getting the at-large BCS bowl bid, I’m assuming more times than not, WVU beat Texas in the 50,000 simulated seasons.

The rest of the Big 12 unfolds like this: 4) Oklahoma State, 5) Kansas State, 6) Texas Tech, 7) Baylor, 8) TCU, 9) Iowa State, and 10) Kansas. Everything looks like the way most people are calling this season, despite an eighth-place finish for the Horned Frogs.

So, what do you think of the predictions? Agree or disagree? Also, could you live with these BCS bowl games if they turned out to be the 2012 lineup?