Oklahoma football goes back to school shopping


Summer is drawing to a close. With classes back in session, everyone needs some new school supplies, right? You have to be prepared for the upcoming season…school year, and Oklahoma looks like the most prepared kid in the conference..class. Oh yeah, fair warning, this is supposed to be as corny and cheesy as possible, so just go with it.

Anyway, let’s look at some of the other kids in the class. Big ole Texas has been really slacking as of late. Texas can’t quite decide between an Ash-colored backpack or one that kind of looks like the one he had several years back. Also, Oklahoma State has been showing off his new duds his daddy bought him, but looks don’t exactly cut it all of the time. Although, Iowa State seems to think stealing the style of another kid on the West side of town will gain ISU success.

But here comes Oklahoma. Always prepared, and never really in need of anything before the season begins. They have a great deal of just about everything. However, as we all know, book covers are huge. They aren’t always the most eye-catching, but they protect the books, and keep them out of harms way. Oklahoma has lost a few of these in the past few weeks, but Oklahoma doesn’t fret. Oklahoma has something every other kid wishes they had.

Four years ago, Oklahoma’s really cool backpack ripped on the first day of school. It was a sad day, because that backpack was the key to Oklahoma’s year. However, he managed to find a new one fairly quick, and it has been a love-hate relationship ever since. Sure, it isn’t the best-looking backpack, and maybe, it’s a bit inconsistent with the load it can carry. However, it has refused to go away, and four years later, Oklahoma still has the same backpack that has kept all of its supplies together.

Oklahoma is in fine shape for the upcoming year, and looks to best in its class. There is one new kid from out East that is looking to challenge Oklahoma, but its probably not worth worrying about. At the end of the day, Oklahoma is in great shape, and horribly cheesy analogies aside, Oklahoma football is primed for what should be a great season in Norman.