Justin Brown, the next Sooner punt returner


The newest addition to the roster, Justin Brown, has finally arrived in Norman, and already seems to be impressing in practice. Bob Stoops and Brown spoke with the media this morning following Brown’s first practice with the team, and something really popped out.

Brown is not looking for any type of spotlight. Of course, the media wanted to talk to him the minute they got a chance, but Brown in an interview said he was a quiet guy, and went about his business. It definitely showed in his brief time with the press, and he even kept his visit to Norman very secret.

Now, one of Brown’s flaws is that he has had trouble holding on to the ball, but who at OU doesn’t? The receivers have a lot to prove this year, and hopefully a veteran like Brown can step in and make an immediate impact.

According to Jake Trotter, Stoops already is putting Brown as first string punt returner. From some of the film I’ve seen, it definitely would be a big improvement upon last year. Ryan Broyles was limited, and when Kenny Stills took over, he was simply back there to not muff the ball.

However, if Brown can put the offense in better field position, then he will definitely be a success in Norman. Now I am not saying he turns in to Antonio Perkins or Ryan Broyles, but he is a speedy guy, with size, and as long as he is moving the ball forward, he will definitely be received well when the offense is coming back on to the field.

Now whether he gets as many reps as a receiver is a different story. The Sooners are fairly deep, but if Brown starts making noise on offense, then Stoops may be cautious to limit him as a punt returner.

Mainly, this is good news for Sooner Nation. Justin Brown isn’t going to be wandering the sidelines in his no. 18 jersey. He will make an impact this year for Oklahoma. Stoops mentioned he is already picking up the playbook well, so hopefully Brown can be a key part to Oklahoma’s 2012 title run.