OU perfects the fan appreciation day


It is truly amazing how great of a job Oklahoma has done with their fan appreciation day. It is hard event to tackle, for many reasons.

Some fans leave “unappreciated,” because they couldn’t get everyone’s autograph. Also, sometimes players just don’t care about the fans, which makes it a very unenjoyable experience.

However, Oklahoma has done the impossible, and practically perfected Meet the Sooners Day. Though, some may disagree, because OU is really pushing it as a “kids event.”

A lot of grown men don’t care too much for Oklahoma, because they can no longer go to Meet the Sooners Day without a child, and can only bring one item for their kid to get signed.

First off, and hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but if you’re a grown man and upset you can’t get autographs from a bunch of college kids, I feel no sympathy. Autographs should strictly be a kids thing, and OU has wisely went that route.

They break down the team in to separate tables for each group, and when you get to the front of the line, you just don’t get one guy’s autograph, you get all the players who play that position.

Of course, some lines are longer. The quarterback line died down toward the end, but was still a 20-30 minute wait. However, special teams, and for some the reason the linebackers, were about 3-5 minute waits.

Still, you can cover just about all the players you want. If you specifically wanted to get Landry Jones, Kenny Stills, and Tony Jefferson’s autograph, you probably could. However, you more than likely wouldn’t have had time to go to any other tables.

The length of the event is perfect; two hours for Sooner Kids Club members, and an hour and a half for the general public. So if you are a Sooner Kids Club member, then you will probably get everyone’s autograph without question, which definitely is more incentive to join the club, but you must be signed up well before the event.

The Oklahoma soccer team, also, gave out fans, which conveniently had their 2012 schedule printed on them. Also, the volleyball team was there to hand out 2012 OU Volleyball posters.

Also, the Sooner Schooner and ponies were present, with the RUF/NEKS on hand as well. There were plenty of cheerleaders at the event, so if you didn’t get your favorite player’s autograph, you could at the very least get a picture with one of the beautiful OU cheerleaders.

Overall, it was a fun day for the kids, and I don’t see any reason why Oklahoma should change the format. They’ve really done an excellent job with the annual event, and if your kid has yet to go to one of these, then definitely check it out. It’s a fun, family-friendly event, and gives these kids the memory of meeting a Landry Jones or a Kenny Stills.

Props to Oklahoma, also, nice call moving the event inside the stadium. Although, it was still very hot, and $3.50 for a bottle of water seemed like a pretty reasonable price to not dehydrate.