Non-conference games in the Stoops Era

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2008: Chattanooga, Cincinnati, at Washington, Texas Christian

This one was pretty stacked. Sure the Huskies sucked, and Chattanooga probably did an Indian rain dance at halftime to stop the bleeding. However, Cincinatti and TCU were too honorable opponents, and OU took the both of them to the woodshed. Ultimately, the Bearcats and Frogs’ presence on the schedule helped Oklahoma get in to the BCS National Championship game over Texas, and despite Washington’s 0-12 record, big road wins are good wherever you can get them. Nice slate, but somewhat held back by the Mocs and Huskies. Grade: A-

2009: Brigham Young, Idaho State, Tulsa, at Miami

Ugh. This one would’ve been a great year to not have any injuries. The Sooners had some tough OOC games, and had the honor of playing in the first college football game ever in Jerry World. BYU went 11-2 that season, so maybe they still would’ve won that game, and Miami were a respectable 9-4. The Sooners destroyed Idaho State and Tulsa, which gave a lot of fans hope, but the Sooners suffered one too many injuries and had themselves a mediocre 2009 season. Grade: B+

2010: Utah State, Florida State, Air Force, at Cincinnati

I am going to go right ahead and say this one is the best slate a Stoops team has had to face. Florida State was a 10-win team that season, and climbing back up the ranks. Air Force and Utah State’s rushing attacks proved to be hard to stop, and OU had two close calls with the Aggies and Falcons. Also, a long trip to an AQ school in Cincinnati added to the toughness of this OOC slate. The Sooners had some narrow escapes, but were victorious in all four games. Grade: A

2011: Tulsa, at Florida State, Ball State

Last year’s was a nice slew of teams. All three were .500 or better, and the Sooners found themselves at Florida Slate, with College Gameday on hand. Oklahoma ripped the Hurricane and Cardinals apart, and the Noles came up short in Tallahassee. Not a bad slate, but I think 2010 takes the cake over 2011 and 2008. Grade: A-

2012: at UTEP, Florida A&M, Notre Dame

Apart from Oklahoma’s date with FCS’ Florida A&M, 2012 isn’t half bad. Every time you get a weak team, and travel to their place, it makes the game a little tougher. UTEP will be hyped for this match-up, and will be upset-minded. Also, Notre Dame is trying to get back to elite status, but the Fighting Irish’s 2012 schedule is simply brutal. This could be one of the best OOC slates, but is a bit held back by the presence of the Rattlers.