Big 12 Watch 2012: #6 TCU Horned Frogs


First year playing with the big boys could be difficult for Texas Christian. There isn’t as many UNLV’s and New Mexico’s on the schedule, and there’s not one game you can pencil in as a ‘W.’

The way I see it, TCU will learn the hard way. I don’t think they can jump in to the Big 12 and be as dominant as they were in the Mountain West Conference.

Sure, TCU has a lot going for them. Gary Patterson turned the Frogs in to a mid-major powerhouse, and earned a BCS bowl win. Impressive for a little private school in Fort Worth, Texas. However, Patterson is going up against the likes of Stoops, Snyder, and Holgerson. Can he beat AQ-programs on a weekly basis?

Casey Pachall helps. He’s a solid quarterback who threw for 25 touchdowns last season, and only had seven picks. Pretty solid season for Pachall in 2011, but the Big 12 defenses are on a different level. You’re messing with Texas a lot more often, and the states north of them can recruit the nasties on defense just as well.

This is another breed of competition, but here’s how Texas Christian looks as a team. Their defense is going to be good once again. They have a decent line and Patterson has always produced good linebacking cores. On offense, TCU could look to pound the ball more. They have some good backs in Ed Wesley and Waymon James, and will carry the rushing load for the 2012 Frogs.

Their schedule includes trips to Morgantown, Austin, Stillwater, and rival Southern Methodist in Dallas. They may seem like fun party towns to make some memories, but not sure if they leave half of those places with their heads up.

It may seem unfair, but I still think TCU has to prove their legitimacy as a BCS contender. If they can go out and have a good 2012, then I’ll have to change my opinion on them. The Frogs need to go out and prove to everyone their success in the MWC wasn’t because it was against mediocre competition. Until then, I can’t put TCU above a Kansas State like the Big 12 media did.