Ten ways to improve NCAA Football 13


We are now a little over one week in to the NCAA Football 13 launch. The game boasts some new features, but like any game, there’s always room for improvement. Here are a few things I would love to see in NCAA Football 14, but probably will not.

  1. If you really want to up the ante on in-game presentation, add “You’re looking live at [insert stadium]” You don’t have to have Musburger do the play-by-play, because no one really wants him to, but that would be sick for College Gameday match-ups.
  2. On Heisman Challenge mode, why not add past Heisman runner-ups? Not just any runner-ups, but guys who came really close or have really excelled in the NFL. See if putting them in a different program would help them win the Heisman, and somewhat redeem themselves.
  3. I know EA has partnerships and legal issues, but I would love to see in Dynasty mode where you can change what qualifies as a BCS bowl game, or maybe increase or decrease the amount of BCS bowls. Maybe swap the Fiesta with the Cotton. It’s just something to think about.
  4. Staying in Dynasty mode, unless it’s a well-known, historic rivalry with a neutrel site, you can’t change the venue of a regular season game. In NCAA 09, the Oklahoma-Brigham Young game was not in Jerry World; it was set in Norman. Little things like this make it a real season experience.
  5. Now I know why they can’t do this, but I still wish they would bring this back. I would love for sanctions, rule-breaking, and all that good stuff in Dynasty mode. Maybe the week right before your big game against an in-state rival a message pops up that HB #21 was caught…I don’t know…selling his bowl game jersey. You have the decision of reporting it and risk suspending him, or handling it internally and let him play. Also, this could add to a coach’s prestige, or as a recruiting tactic: do you run a clean or dirty program? Now that’s making the game realistic.
  6. Bring back spring drills and spring scrimmages. Plain and simple, this was awesome in NCAA 07, and it would be beneficial to your player rating in Road to Glory or your incoming freshmen in Dynasty.
  7. Unless the people at EA Sports program it, users cannot give an offensive and defensive player the same number. Though, as mentioned by my cohost on The C3 Show, NCAA Football 13 isn’t supposed to portray real players. It just so happens Oklahoma’s starting quarterback is wearing #12 and listed as from New Mexico.
  8. This might be just a “me” thing, but in Road to Glory, bring back the dorm room. I want to see my accolades build up, and trophies go up in the room. Though, in real life, there isn’t a chance in hell I would keep three Heisman trophies in a college dormitory.
  9. Staying in RTG, not everyone has the money for Madden and NCAA. So instead of just ending your college career and having the one option to export your player to the NFL, why not export your player as a coach in Dynasty mode? You get the same coaching carousel with teams that are interested in hiring your player, and to make it real, you start the year after your senior season. Also, a sub-suggestion, you should be able to transfer in RTG.
  10. Could we possibly get multiple broadcast options? I know they have a disc budget, but who wouldn’t want to play on Fox and have Gus Johnson announcing the game? Or if you’re in the SEC, have the option of playing on CBS. They did it in NCAA Basketball 10, so it has to be doable. However, maybe the developers should focus on fixing all the bugs and kinks in the game before they start getting too fancy.