Week Twelve: West Virginia Best Case: OU grinds out a tough road wi..."/> Week Twelve: West Virginia Best Case: OU grinds out a tough road wi..."/>

2012 Best-Worst Case: November, Part 2


Week Twelve: West Virginia

Best Case: OU grinds out a tough road win, and heads in to Bedlam undefeated. Like many others, I have this pegged as OU’s marquee game of the season. Of course, everyone is stoked for Texas and Notre Dame, but this one could be the defacto Big 12 championship. Morgantown is going to be electric, and this one has College Gameday written all over it. Unless of course, ESPN thinks Oregon-Stanford or Wisconsin-Ohio State is a better game. Regardless, Oklahoma could prove a lot of their critics wrong, and show they are capable of winning big road games. Landry has to overcome his past struggles, but this one that could go either way.

Worst Case: 2008 Fiesta Bowl. Nothing would be worse than a humiliating Oklahoma loss. West Virginia may not be world beaters this year, but at home, and Big 12 title possibly on the line, the Mountaineers are going to want to show the world they can win a conference title outside of the Big East. Landry Jones and Co. have to avoid getting flustered, and just take care of business. Unless some other team comes out of nowhere, this is Oklahoma’s biggest game of the season. And I’d hate for it to be spoiled by bad loss to WVU.

Prediction: Oklahoma 41, West Virginia 34

Week Thirteen: Oklahoma State

Best Case: Just beating Oklahoma State will do. I don’t care if it’s by a lot or a little, just beat the Pokes. After the way they manhandled the Sooners last season, you would think I would want the same for this season. However, I knew the Cowboys were really good last season. So all I’m asking is just win. They will be without Old Man Weeden and Justin  “.24” Blackmon, and can not afford a second straight loss to the Cowboys. Well maybe they can, but Sooner fans can’t. Okie State beats OU for the first time in eight years, and all of a sudden, they are the premier team in the state. Just win Bedlam, boys.

Worst Case: No. Just no. I don’t even want to think about a second straight loss. It’s not that I hate Oklahoma State that much, but their fans are just so annoying. And not Stillwater Cowboy fans. Those guys are cool. It is the drunken idiots I cannot stand. And I know every fan base has them, but spend a minute with one of them, and tell you wish that guy would’ve been loved more as a child.

Prediction: Oklahoma 45, Oklahoma State 14