The days of exciting September match-ups may be numbered


Every summer, every college football fan takes a look at the upcoming season, and in the month of September, there are a few games you cannot simply wait to watch. Who doesn’t like an early battle of two powerhouses early in the season?

These days could be numbered, though. A four-team playoff will be implemented in 2014, which means there are two extra spots to contend for the title. Stength of schedule is a factor the selection committee will look at, but why risk playing a Top 5 team early in the year? Dropping one game won’t kill, but can’t afford to lose another.

So with a playoff right around the corner, will teams be weary to play elite competition in September?

Oklahoma has some great games lined up in 2014 and beyond. Their future schedules contain home and home’s with Tennessee, Tulsa, LSU, Ohio State, and Army.

I don’t think Oklahoma would be tempted to drop any of these games, but I can’t speak for the other teams. LSU and Tennessee already have their hands full with the SEC, and Ohio State could be relevant by then. So why put your season on the line to play against the Sooners?

Now maybe these schools share the same ideals of OU. The Sooners traditionally schedule one or two tough out-of-conference games. It has helped them with the BCS, and I think they will keep playing big games to get love from the selection committee.

Sure the Sooners schedule a cupcake every now and then, but not in excess. It just seems like with a playoff, teams will start going lighter with their nonconference match-ups.

Which ultimately could be a loss for college football fans. College football is one of the few sports where you don’t mind watching a team that isn’t yours. That’s why the regular season has remained relevant, because of College Gameday match-ups that everyone has on their television.

Still a lot of people think eight-teams is the right number, but then you will really see a decline in big games between out-of-conference foes.

I’m not saying let’s go back to the BCS, but the playoff will make programs consider scheduling a Mississippi, rather than an Alabama.

And I know someone might bring up college basketball, and how they still manage to schedule big games in the regular season. However, in college football, you can’t lose every game in your schedule, win the conference tournament, and still have a shot at the title.

Don’t get me wrong, college football needed a playoff. Though, it may have come at a bit of a price.