Six bowl rotation levels playing field


The new playoff system is all we can seem to talk about at the moment. I know, some of this will get old really quick, but realize how big this thing is for Oklahoma.

The new four-team playoff will rotate amongst six undetermined bowls for the semifinals, but the national title will go to the highest bidding city. It is very important the regions are more equal to Oklahoma and the rest of the conferences.

Let’s be honest, there’s not one current BCS bowl that gives the Sooners a true advantage. LSU practically gets a home game in New Orleans. Southern Cal could walk to the Rose Bowl. All of the Florida powers have no problem playing in the Orange. And Oklahoma, with the rest of the Big 12, gets stuck with trips to Glendale.

The fact the NCAA has made it clear there will be a six-team rotation is amazing news for Oklahoma. You would have to think Dallas or Houston would be serious contenders to be added to that mix. Although, SEC country could get a third convenient location in Atlanta if the Chick Fil A Bowl gets their wish.

While these semifinals and national championships need to be on big stages, there is no bigger stage than Jerry World.

And if Mr. Jerry Jones can get the Cotton Bowl added in to the six bowl rotation, then Sooner fans can finally get a home away from home game for themselves. Dallas would be perfect, so long as that’s where the Sooners are playing.

I’m not sure which semifinal will get what venue. The ideal thing to do would to let the committee go by region. It’s no coincidence the powerhouses of college basketball get to play close to home in the opening round games.

So why not allow an Oklahoma to play in Dallas?

Or let the highest seed pick what venue they want. It’s great incentive for the team that played the best that year, and like in any playoff, they deserve home field advantage.

Right now, not a lot is known about the system. The only thing we do know is the cities that would love open their hearts and fill their pockets from the fan bases that would be attending these games. Ultimately, this is a money thing, so why not cash in on the rabid Sooner fans willing to go to these playoff games?