Top Ten Blake Griffin Slam Dunks


You know it. I know it. Blake knows it. The Poster Child, Blake Griffin, is the best dunker in the NBA. Maybe the world, although, those And-One and TeamFlightBrothers guys are pretty solid. They don’t have a NBA contract, though, and do not play against elite competition. They may get millions of views on YouTube, but Blake provides SportsCenter with a guaranteed Top Ten play every night in real games that matter, and with an enormous collection of dunks, it is hard to be picky about which one is your favorite. However, with the NBA Draft quickly approaching, let’s take a look at former Sooner stud Blake Griffin’s best dunks so far in the NBA.

10. The First Dunk

Epic foreshadowing. Just three minutes in to Blake Griffin’s first regular season in the league, and he scores his first points off of a lob. Griffin wasted no time getting acquainted with the rim in this game, and would continue to murder the net and obviously, it was no fluke. It was the first of literally hundreds of dunks, and Blake can look back on this one as the dunk that started it all.

9. Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

Kobe has done this before, and yes, Blake picked on a dude five inches shorter than him. However, Blake executes perfectly from picking the ball off and taking it to the rim. He finishes in style with the reverse, and maybe it would be higher on the list if Kobe didn’t already do this, but still a pretty dunk from Blake Superior.

8. Lob in Transition

For a big guy, Griffin runs the floor fairly well. The Clips got out on transition, and Eric Bledsoe sees Griffin. Instead of just throwing it down like any other time, Griffin adds some flair by pulling off the reverse lob. Once again, remarkable athleticism by a big guy to be doing these types of things. We are not worthy.

7. Touchdown Griffin

I’m guessing Blake spent some time at football games while at Oklahoma. Learning from Jermaine Gresham and Ryan Broyles how to catch the long ball. Here, Randy Foye puts right on the money to Griffin from 50 feet away. Impecable timing, and Griffin caps it off with authority. Credit to Foye for seeing the opening.

6. Real Life NBA Jam

I’m guessing Griffin played a lot of NBA Jam, instead of watching actual game film. Because where else does a guy learn how to do this? Nice assist by Bledsoe to go between the legs, and then Griffin kills the rim and hangs on to make a statement. Blake’s not just an entertainer, but this was the dunk the Clips needed to shift the momentum. Chris Paul would go on to blow the game, but they have this as a consolation.

5. Beats the Buzzer

Griffin doesn’t just beat rims, he can beat the clock. With seconds remaining in the half Blake doesn’t pack it up and head to the locker room. No, Griffin anticipates the inbound pass from Marreese Speights, who wisely gets out of the way. Griffin, once again, with incredible timing barely beatings the horn, and the Clippers head in to the half with a four-point lead.

4. Mozgov

Honestly, one of the best dunks ever seen. Blake somehow puts his jock in Mozgov’s face, and throws it down. His hands never touch the rim, but Griffin was too high up. Remarkable dunk that everyone knows.

3. Perkins No Match

This one seems very similar to the last one, but Blake somehow managed to top the Mozgov dunk. One of the big reasons being Kendrick Perkins. Perk tries to stop Griffin from making another poster, but Blake simply does not back down. He goes up strong and once again, throws it in to the hoop. Perkins will never live this one down, and this nasty slam will forever haunt him. I’d like to think at least.

2. Get out of the Way, Gasol

Like the last two, another player foolishly tried to challenge Blake. And once again, Griffin prevailed and threw a monster jam right over Pau Gasol. The emphatic dunk sent Pau to the floor, and the reaction is just perfect. However, his best dunk had come earlier in this same contest.

1. Put Back with Authority

This dunk has it all. I am a sucker for put backs, and Griffin was flawless on this one. Blake recognizes the ball, goes up and gets it, and it doesn’t even matter Gasol is in his way. Air Griffin gets the huge flush and sends Gasol to the floor for the first time that night. In recap it was the ultimate dunk. I’ll take a putback over a lob, because it is way more difficult. There is a guy in his way. Blake slams with two hands with power. And then the icing on the cake, Blake steps over Gasol as heads back down court. That my friends is the best dunk we have seen so far from Mr. Griffin. However, I would not be surprised if miraculously tops this one next season.