Another Oklahoma team loses title in South Beach


Seven years ago, Oklahoma were blown out by nobody. The 2005 Orange Bowl featured the Sooners, and only the Sooners. Somehow they were demolished, despite playing the air. However, OU was losing in Miami before it was cool.

The Miami Heat finished off the Oklahoma City Thunder Thursday night in five games, and what a collapse by Oklahoma City. In a weird way, this series as a whole was like Oklahoma’s humiliating loss to no one in the 2005 Orange Bowl.

The Miami Heat featured the best player in the league, LeBron James. And if nobody was a running back, let’s call him Reggie Bush, he would have been the best player in the league he competed in as well.

Also, the Heat had two other guys that were huge to their team, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. And if the air had more assets, we would definitely call them Matt Leinhart and Lendale White.

Oklahoma playing against nothing jokes aside, the Thunder were going in with a lot of hype and riding a lot of momentum. They just reeled off four wins against the Spurs, and they went in to the Miami series as favorites.

Which is very familiar to Oklahoma fans. The Sooners always get the love heading in to big games, and Oklahoma-USC was supposed to be one of the best games ever. The Trojans and Sooners were well represented at the Heisman trophy presentation, so how could this not be an instant classic?

Oklahoma, like the Thunder in Game One, struck first. The Sooenrs went up a touchdown early in the game, but after that, it was all Southern Cal. Which was duplicated in the 2012 NBA Finals.

After the team from Oklahoma threw the first punch, all hell broke loose. Like Southern Cal, Miami dominated the rest of the way.

It was a tough way to go down, and all the championship game gear was bought for nothing.

Because no one is still wearing a 2005 Orange Bowl t-shirt to commemorate the Sooners just getting to the championship. Of course, the NBA Finals are a much bigger stage, so maybe Thunder fans will sport the Finals gear or Western Conference championship throughout the summer. However, that series had to leave a sour taste in the fans’ mouth.

And unfortunately, Oklahoma fans are getting used to losing the title in South Beach. And with more hype surrounding the 2012 Oklahoma football team, of course, the BCS National Championship just so happens to be in South Beach this year.