Playoffs no longer just a Thunder thing in Oklahoma


Deep playoff runs are no longer exclusive to the the NBA’s Thunder in the Sooner State. The BCS conference’ commissioners have come to a consensus, and in 2014, college football will have a four-team playoff.

The decision to switch to a playoff format will not be finalized until school presidents approve the change to ditch the BCS, but the fact the commissioners finally agreed to a playoff, I don’t see why the school presidents would be against it.

It is incredible, though. This has been a long time coming, but don’t get too excited. There is still a bit of BCS influence.

According to ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg, the model would more than likely have a committee pick the four teams based on strength of schedule and conference championships. Which is good in the case of a juggernaut scheduling (in the words of Bob Stoops) East Popcorn State.

This is not exactly a deal breaker for me, but I could see this upsetting me years from now. A team or two are going to get left out, and controversy will ensue, but being a glass half full guy, it is better than nothing and selection committees have historically been pretty kind to Oklahoma.

And don’t fear bowl lovers, this format will keep the current BCS bowl games intact. Per Rittenberg, college football’s version of the “Final Four” would be held at two of the BCS bowls. The winners of those two games would play for the national championship, which will be held in the city that gives the NCAA the most money.

In the case of college football, this is big time. Think about all the controversies that could have been avoided if this system was in place years ago.

In 2008, a four-team playoff of Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, and Alabama would have been insane. Assuming a 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3 format, Oklahoma would have played Alabama and Florida would have played Texas in the semifinals. Just thinking about the possibility of the 2008 Sooners and 2008 Longhorns playing for the crystal ball makes me so frustrated with how long it took these commissioners to come to their senses.

Also, in 2004, Auburn would have got their chance. Maybe there wouldn’t have been a need to vacate that championship. Then again, Southern Cal was phenomenal that season. Looking back at that Orange Bowl, the Sooners were overpowered by a better team, but I think they could have went toe-to-toe with Auburn in a semifinal clash. Also, it would have been nice to see the Trojans crush the Horns in the semifinals.

A playoff a would have been nice years ago. Just be happy it’s going to be here in two hopefully very quick years.