Roundtable Discussion: O-M-G! New Uniforms!

The title, either it implies that the fact Oklahoma announced new football uniforms is totally fabulous, or it could imply total panic. You be the judge. The Oklahoma Sooners announced that they will have new alternate uniforms that will be worn sparingly during the regular season starting in 2014.

The reaction was…..mixed to say the least. Some people say the uniforms totally wrecked OU’s tradition, some people say it helps recruiting, others simply just want the football season to start. Which ever side of the fence you’re on, it definitely has got Sooner Nation up and talking about it. This round table discussion is discussing just that, the new unis.

Oklahoma’s new alternate uniforms have created a lot of buzz. Yay or nay on the new duds?

Joe Buettner, Lead Editor (@joebuet):  Yay. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen them in person at Oklahoma’s bookstore, but they are the type of alternates a program like OU needs. It’s not so much of a look in to the future, but paying tribute to the past. And tradition is what we’re trying to keep, right?

Sean Forster, Podcast Co-host (@onikuno): Frankly, the new uniforms look like the ugly love child of the OU uniforms circa 1955 and circa 1975. I understand what Nike was trying to do, but it fell flat as far as I’m concerned. I give it two thumbs down.

Christopher Long, Columnist (@the_real_clong): Yay. I actually like the new uniforms for the most part. The home Crimson uniforms look slick. I am trying to adjust to the cream helmet, I am really trying. I also am a traditionalist in a way, that I like the regular uniforms, and they be used the majority of the time. But with the Sooners using these uniforms sparingly, I like it. The cream top looks awesome, but the more I see of them, the more I hate the crimson pants.

Nathan Harkins, Staff Writer (@NathanHarkins15): I support the new alternates 100%. Honestly I don’t care too much what the team is wearing on the field, as long as they get the ‘W.’ They look pretty cool though. I like having Oklahoma on the chest, and the color combination is nice. Really though, what I think isn’t really important. What you think isn’t either. Sorry to disappoint you. What really matters is what the recruits think. Go look at the player’s reaction and the tweets from high school players who are considering coming to OU. That’s what matters, and it seems as if the uniforms wowed the people who will actually wear them.

Diego Galaviz, Staff Writer (@DiegoG20): When I first saw the alternate uniforms, I was pretty upset. I’ve always been against new uniforms. But after actually looking at them and seeing what they symbolize (like the 47 Straight), I started liking them. Also noticed tweets from recruits saying how they love them and that’s all that matters. The white helmet also won me over. As long as we keep the normal ones, I say yay.

Utilizing both the new and current uniforms, what would be your favorite helmet/jersey/pants combo to see worn during a game?

Buettner: I’d like to see the new alternate white helmets with the current road jersey and pants. The Storm Trooper look is a great one, and is very clean and easy on the eye. I think it could be a regular look as well.

Long: The first thing I would do as the Sooners is take the crimson pants, and chunk them in the trash. I wondered what a solid crimson uniform would look like but, I am not a fan now that I have seen actual crimson pants. For home I’d like to see the new alternate crimson jersey, new alternate cream pants, and a crimson helmet (either one), using the cream helmet rarely. For away, the new cream alternate jersey, cream alternate pants, and once again either crimson helmet. You keep the traditional look, while getting new uniforms. It’s a win-win for everyone. Its not exactly part of the question, but I would love to see a Crimson and Black uniform. Designed like the traditional uniform, not the monstrosity that Nebraska came out with a few years back. That was one ugly son of a….

Forster: What you’ve seen the past 15 years is what I’m a fan of. I know that sounds like a non-answer. The truth is I’ve always loved Oklahoma’s current uniform. The helmet has been iconic and practically unchanged since 1967. I never liked the idea of a white helmet with a red logo or wearing red pants.

Harkins: I really like the new alternate with the white jersey and red pants. It is still similar enough to the traditional jersey, with a new flair to it. My favorite part is the new red helmet. The detail is amazing, and the “BOOMER” atop the facemask is just icing on the cake.

Galaviz: My favorite combination would have to be new white alternate helmet, red alternate jersey, and regular white pants. Although the white jersey also looks sweet. The “OKLAHOMA” on the front looks awesome.

Is there anything you wish they would’ve done different with the new alternates?

Buettner: I think the font could’ve been better. It’s not bad, and I still like them regardless. Also, I would’ve like to have seen what “Sooners” would’ve looked like across the chest. I think “Sooners” would’ve been good for the red alternates.

Long: Not really. The word “Oklahoma” across the chest, is a nice change. Though I would like to have seen this uniform with the word Sooners across the chest as well. I would have also went to Walmart, purchased lighter fluid, a lighter, and burn a large pile of crimson pants.

Forster: I don’t like messing with the helmet. The wood pattern on the “OU” logo is just ugly to me. I understand that jerseys and pants have evolved over the years. But the red helmet has been a staple since 1966. Outside of a new logo change in ’67, it’s been consistent for decades. Not a fan of having a white helmet either. I know OU wore them under Bud, but that was a whole different era. There’s something special to say that someone like Adrian Peterson shined wearing the same helmet that Steve Owens, Joe Washington, and Billy Sims wore.

Harkins: I am fine with almost every part of the new uniforms. The only thing I would have wanted to see differently is an announcement that came at another time. By that, I mean a time other than when the entire country is paying attention to a soccer game. It was as if the athletic department was scared of changing uniforms. Which is understandable, seeing as many fans are against change. Just look at the Pride drama last year for evidence of that. If you are going to put out new jerseys, be proud of them. Don’t try to hide them.

Galaviz: I wouldn’t change anything. They look good as it is. The only people hating on them are from other schools that hate Oklahoma. The Sooners fans that hate them don’t hate the actual jerseys, they hate the fact that we got new ones. They look fine the way they are.

What game will be the right time to bust out the new uniforms?

Buettner: Definitely the road trip to West Virigna. The font is very similar of WVU’s font on their jerseys. Why not play a little mind game and confuse the couch-burners?

Long: Tennessee would be a good time to do it. Oklahoma gets a chance to add another win against the SEC, and with the potential recruits visiting for that game, it would be a good time. I have stated on multiple social media sites, and I will say it here: I FORBID THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA TO TAKE THESE UNIFORMS TO LUBBOCK, TEXAS. The last time they took alternate uniforms down there they got smoked like one of my fine signature Jack Daniels enriched rack of ribs. The Sooners have to go to Lubbock this year as well. I would rather not risk it. Also should Oklahoma make it to the playoff and/or the national title game, these uniforms should not go anywhere near the semifinal site or Jerry’s World.

Forster:  Considering this is all about recruiting, you want the most exposure possible. Go down the entire schedule and you’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger game than against Baylor in early November. If all goes according to plan (which it almost never does in this sport) both teams should be in position to not only win the Big 12, but make a strong case to be one of the four teams to be selected in the inaugural College Football Playoff. Wear them for a game that matters in the big picture. Despite what fans like myself think, 18-year olds love alternate uniforms and that’s what matters most. If winning on the big stage wearing these new uniforms gives any kind of edge in recruiting, then Stoops would be a fool not to take it.

Harkins: K-State or Louisiana Tech would be the best options. I know those aren’t the flashy choices. I am a little worried about the “new jersey” jinx. So just in case, I would rather try them out in a winnable game. And I think it needs to be a home game first. So I think those are two of our most winnable home games (other than the late November Kansas game). Doing it in the first game of the season could be risky, so K-State would be my top choice.

Galaviz: I say vs. Tennessee. With College GameDay possibly there and a national audience for sure, it’s the perfect time. What better way to beat an SEC team in a new look?

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