"There's Only One" shirt designs not up to par

For the sixth straight year, the University of Oklahoma is allowing fans to pick from three different shirt designs for their 2014 “There’s Only One” shirt and hat combo.

This was a really cool concept…six years ago. However, the shirts have fizzled, and personally, it may be time to drop the shirt campaign.

Oklahoma, notorious for selling shirts at every opportunity, mustered up three designs that just don’t really do it for me. Not that I’m a graphic designer, but I think they try to get to cutesie with it sometimes.

Let’s take a look at the designs.

Design 1: With a little Sooner Magic, OU took down Alabama in the 2014 Sugar Bowl and made BCS history. This design—featuring the Fiesta, Orange, Rose and Sugar Bowl hardware—pays tribute to the only team in college football to win all four BCS games. (via SoonerSports.com)

This first one is probably my favorite, if I had to have a favorite. I’m a huge supporter of the “Sooner Magic” slogan, though there’s already a t-shirt Sooner fans recently bought with the phrase “Sooner Magic.”

Regardless, I do like this concept. It features all four BCS bowl trophies Oklahoma has been able to win under Bob Stoops, and it’s very subtle. I like subtle.

However, my big gripe is two (maybe three) things.

The first being the placement of the OU logo. It’s honestly a little unnecessary to put it there, especially if you’re going to wear it with the hat the University wants you to purchase it with.

It’s not a huge deal, but it just looks awkward and the shirt would not suffer subtracting it from the design.

My second (and somewhat third) gripe is the “There’s Only One Oklahoma” text below “Sooner Magic.” Do you really need to put another message on the front? And if you really feel like it should be there, why that font?

The font irks me, because of its contrast with the top slogan. But if I had to pick a shirt, this would be the one.

14ath-tunnel-hats-clickDesign 2: Before any football student-athlete plays his first down in the Crimson and Cream, he walks down this tunnel and back in time. He sees OU’s long and impressive history as the winningest college football program in the modern era, with 154 All-Americans, 44 conference titles and seven national champions. And then he steps onto Owen Field: the home that Bennie built, Bud dominated, Barry reigned and Bob rules. As touted in the 2013 football intro video, this is where champions are bred, with the records to back. (via SoonerSports.com)

The second option has some of the same problems. I like the message, but the font selection just does not do it. However, I will give the shirt this, the concept is an improvement upon last year’s shirt.

If you remember, last year’s design featured the field-sized American flag. It looked like one of those shirts you get at those mall kiosks that let you upload any photo and put it on a shirt.

They did a much better job of incorporating this photo of the players’ view of the field before they leave the tunnel.

The font just takes a little bit away from the shirt, but I do like the addition of the OU logo on this shirt.

The first option you can clearly understand it is a “Sooner” t-shirt. This one really needs that logo to increase the awareness of the brand.

Not a bad choice, and I can understand why people may like it, but the font is a dealbreaker for me.

14ath-stake-hats-clickDesign 3: No other university in the state has won a football national championship, much less seven. Norman, home of the Sooners, is where we stake that claim. (via SoonerSports.com)

Last, but probably least, is this the third option. OU does a good job with the slogan, and the font they’re using actually fits on this shirt.

However, I hate the OU logo at the top of the shirt, it would serve better maybe clipped inside the outline of the state of Oklahoma.

Though, looking more and more at this one, it isn’t so horrible as when I first saw it. There’s not too much going on in this shirt, but I feel like it’s missing something.

Also, while I like the slogan, it sounds like something Toby Rowland would say on those intro/hype videos he does before each home game.

Anyway, these are the shirts. If you would like a say in which shirt/hat combo gets selected visit click here.

Voting ends February 28, and the winning shirt will become available the day of the Oklahoma Spring Game April 12. Tell us your thoughts, which one will you be voting for?

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