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Top Ten Plays of Oklahoma Football's 2013-14 Season

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One game of football remains. The Super Bowl. Before we get to that, let’s take a look back at some of the best plays of Oklahoma’s season. If you don’t agree, please let me know, but these are what I believe to be the top 10 plays of the 2013-14 season for your 2014 Sugar Bowl Champion Oklahoma Sooners.

Honorable Mention: Eric Striker annihilates Casey McCoy

It would probably be wrong to put this on the actual list, however, since McCoy did not get hurt, I have to give this honorable mention. It may have been a bit on the illegal side, but the raw power of Eric Striker is just incredible that you can’t not note this defensive effort. His ability to get in the backfield is what should make him a candidate for Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year next season. This play did not affect the game much, but then again, McCoy had the game of his life against the Sooners. Maybe Striker’s hit gave him some kind of special powers. Who knows, but I’m sure Swoopes or Ash can’t wait to tango with Striker next year in Dallas.

Honorable Mention: Derrick Woods with a huge catch

This catch was something else. Woods goes up, holds on to the ball, and picks up a huge first down for the Sooners in the biggest game of the season. Now for your list.

10. Colvin returns blocked PAT

A big reason why the PAT is important, Mr. Goodell. The Kansas Jayhawks were trying to make a game of this one, but this blocked PAT put the momentum back in favor of the Sooners, returned by Aaron Colvin who tight walks the sideline and goes the distance for two on a less-than-easy trip to Lawrence.

9. Zack Sanchez with the dagger

The Kansas State Wildcats did their best to keep up with the Sooners, but this pick six sealed the deal. Zack Sanchez got the best of Tyler Lockett, and returned to this house for the dagger.

8. Brennan Clay dashes 76 yards for the score

The game was very much in question, but Brennan Clay gave Oklahoma just enough on this 76-yard touchdown run to hold off a Texas Christian team looking to avenge a loss to the Sooners last season. Clay’s run came at the most opportune of times, which was the longest run in his career as a Sooner.

7. Saunders 91 yard punt return for six

Oklahoma found themselves in a bit of rut. Though, all it took was a Jalen Saunders punt return to take control. Saunders caught the ball at the Oklahoma nine yard line, and while most punt returners would call for a fair catch, Saunders decided to take it 91 yards to the house to tie up the ball game on Senior Day. A remarkable play by Saunders on a lovely day in Norman.

6. LaColtan Bester fools Red Raiders

Against a top ten opponent, Oklahoma’s offense was on point against the Red Raiders. Pulling out a few trick plays, LaColtan Bester got the best (pun fully intended) of the Texas Tech Red Raiders. On a reverse, Bester cut up field and somehow made his way in to the end zone for six. This score would give OU the lead for the rest of the night.

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