Jan 26, 2013; Mobile, AL, USA; Senior Bowl south squad quarterback Landry Jones of Oklahoma (14) prior to kickoff of a game against the Senior Bowl north squad at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

2013 NFL Combine: Landry Jones Hopes to Shake ‘Inconsistency’ Label

The 2013 NFL Combine is still a few days away, but one analyst is already throwing darts at Oklahoma Sooners’ quarterback Landry Jones. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said he doesn’t like any of the quarterbacks in this year’s NFL Draft and then he called out Landry as an example.

“Like a lot of the quarterbacks this year, he’s so difficult to qualify,” said Mayock of Jones. “I can look at certain games and go, ‘That’s a first round draft pick.’  I can look at other games and go, ‘He’s a fifth round guy.’”

Mayock went on to say that he knows that Jones can make all his throws because he has seen him make them, but he is inconsistent. He said he liked Jones’ junior tape better than his senior tape, but sees no one in this NFL Draft class that makes him happy. He ranked Geno Smith and Matt Barkley as his top two quarterbacks in this class, but neither are in his Top 20.

While Mike Mayock doesn’t like any of the quarterbacks, most people see the Kansas City Chiefs drafting Smith with the overall first pick in the NFL Draft. If they don’t take him, there are still teams like the Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles that will be looking for a quarterback at some point in the draft.

Regardless of how inconsistent Landry Jones has been over his career, his numbers will make a team take a chance on him. He threw for 16,646 yards in his four year Sooners’ career, eclipsing 4,000 yards his final three seasons. He threw for 123 touchdowns and 52 interceptions and has a quarterback efficiency rating of 141.5. In his career as the starting quarterback in Norman, he went 39-11 (Sam Bradford started three games in 2009, the Sooners finishing 1-2 in those contests).

Landry Jones is the Big 12 all-time leader in passing yards and total offense. He ranks fifth in the nation in passing yards and passing yards per game. He may have looked inconsistent at times, but he got the job done. Someone will take a chance on Landry Jones, whether it is in the second round or early on Day 2. Either way, Jones will have a job in 2013 on an NFL team.

Wait and see what Landry Jones does at the 2013 NFL Combine. Then pass judgment on where you think he will end up in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Source: Inside the Bills

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  • Scot Hickerson

    The inconsistency label on Landry isn’t fair or accurate.. Look at his wins and production and records… Landry had four years of huge success, but because he didn’t reach perfection and a national championship he is “inconsistent” … OU fans are spoiled and Landry Sucks because he didn’t reach perfection so the press is picking up on that. He went 39-11 and how many of those losses where all his fault. There was only a handful of bad plays bad decisions.. 2183 attempts and three years of 65% 65% 66% all Qb’s average 8-12 ints a year.. Ranking Landry as low as they are is ridiculous.. No one wouldn’t call Payton Manning inconsistent when he doesnt win the superbowl each year.

    • Mike Babb

      That may be true but his worst games always came against the best competition. When you consider ALL of the NFL will be the best competition, that doesn’t sit well w/owners or coaches at that level.

      • Scot Hickerson

        Yes that is true for K state and Notre Dame but they were number 1 and OU couldnt run the ball in those games… K state was lost by Bells fumble at the goal line.. Landry had huge games against Texas, FS, Stanford, OU state and West Virgina and others. all big competition.. The Big twelve is a good conference with losts of competition..

    • http://renegadecinema.com/ Shawn S. Lealos

      I agree with a lot of that. OU fans generally do set their expectations way too high. I think Landry’s biggest problem was following Sam Bradford (who never won a national title either, although he at least made it to the game). Jones has the size and strength to succeed, he just needs a good game plan and more weapons than he had at OU, where Ryan Broyles was the only “superstar” receiver he had (although Kenny Stills was pretty darn good)

      • Scot Hickerson

        Yes they had a couple of good receivers but he started this year with no one practically.. check the team stats and how many different people got lots of receptions in all of his years. He spread it around really well and made people better. Its like he is being punished by the media for not winning it all but that doesnt make him worse than Bray Glennon Smith and Barkly or Wilson who’s college Resumes suck next to Landry’s.. Yes Bradford did play for the title but The OU Defense during Bradford wasnt Ranked 50th either.