Oklahoma football: How have previous revenge games gone for the Sooners?

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Oklahoma football doesn’t lose often, but when the opportunity arrives for revenge the Sooners usually pounce.

Oklahoma football fans have had this Saturday’s date circled on their calendar since the Big 12 schedule came out. And whether or not the players and coaches want to admit it, they’ve had it circled as well.

Oklahoma is going to Ames this weekend with revenge on its mind.

It’s an old coaching trope that teams aren’t motivated by revenge. You usually hear something along the lines of:

“If you have to use last year to get your guys going, you have problems.”


“Every game is important”.

Those quotes are tried and true. They keep material off opposing teams’ bulletin boards, but they don’t exactly represent reality. Remember last year when Baker Mayfield gave us a peek behind the curtain in the week leading up to the Ohio State game? His team was embarrassed the year before and took it personal that Ohio State players sang their song on their field.

There’s a lot of that going on this week in the Oklahoma football locker room. Sooner players remember how they felt after last year’s 38-31 loss to Iowa State. Most of them went to bed with nightmares of Kyle Kempt shredding the Sooners’ secondary and Allen Lazard looking like Jerry Rice in the second half.

So before we look ahead to how the Sooners match up in their quest for revenge tomorrow, let’s use today to take a look back at the recent history of revenge games for Oklahoma.

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