Oklahoma Sooners Add Tight End to 2014 Recruiting Class

The Oklahoma Sooners just added their eighth player in their 2014 football commitments with Tulsa Union tight end Carson Meier. This is a nice move as Oklahoma tries to secure a tight end position that was completely depleted in the 2012 college football season.

While names like Stephen Alexander and Jermaine Gresham roamed campus throughout the Bob Stoops era, there was not a tight end in the starting lineup in 2012, as Stoops felt even his fourth receiver was better than his best tight end. This season looks like it might change that, and now Stoops is stacking up his roster for 2014 as well.

Carson Meier is a three-star prospect and also received offers from Duke, Oregon State, Rice, Rutgers, SMU, Washington State and Wisconsin, and it is easy to see why Oklahoma made his final choice. Not only can he stay in state, but the Sooners on a bad year is still better than most of those teams.

Meier (6-7, 220) is also ranked as the ninth best 2014 recruit by the Oklahoman and hopefully he can step up and help turn things around for the Sooners’ once proud tight end position. He is the first tight end recruit since the Class of 2012.

Carson Meier is the second of Oklahoma’s 2014 football commitments from in-state, following quarterback Justice Hansen. Meier’s teammate at Tulsa Union, receiver Kirk Fridrich, also has an offer on the table from the Sooners.

Source: ESPN


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